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Ghosted! Crystal Candle

Ghosted! Crystal Candle

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Scent: Suede and Smoke Crystals: White Quartz Decor: Bleeding wax ghost Size: 9 Oz - Burn time: 35 - 45 hrs Description: Sorry, you got ghosted! I wanted to disappear and didn't want to deal with you right now. So please leave your message, and If I am in the mood, I will text you back (Yes, text... please don't call), and this offer is not valid for ex-partners. Sometimes it is ok to disappear, and with this candle, you can do it wonderfully. So grab your pair of cozy socks, your drink of choice, lit this candle, and let the relaxing atmosphere of an old-fashioned room with leather chairs and sensual notes of Amyris, Musk, and Moss surrounds you while our favorite Master healer crystal, White Quartz protects your aura from envy and toxic energies. (The ghost will bleed when burning the candle) Intentions: Spiritual Growth, Tranquility, Calm, Healing.

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