Galena and Pyrite Cluster

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This cluster is an amazing catalyst for approaching and traveling towards your overall evolution. Together, Galena and Pyrite double down as a dream team to eradicating negative interference and uplifting you to become your highest self. This cluster weighs about 9 ounces.

Origins from Huanzala, Peru

Galena is one of the most important lead ores. It's often found in the veins of other sulfides such as Pyrite, as well as minerals like Quartz and Fluorite. It is a lead-based stone of alchemy and self-transformation. In alchemy, lead symbolizes the novice or beginner. It is powerful in grounding and carrying awareness, making it necessary for spiritual travel. Galena is also a powerful acting mirror, can lend courage, compassion, love, to embrace the dark and scary parts of ones’ soul. With Galena, you have the ability to physically, emotionally, spiritually, and chemically transform yourself into your highest potential.

    • Properties: Shamanic soul retrieval, alchemical transformation, past-life recall
    • Element: earth
    • Chakras: root (1st)

Pyrite is incredible for increasing your solar plexus energy. It can provide an immediate boost for accomplishing challenging tasks. This can include breaking harmful cycles and imparting more effective habits for ones’ life. It's imbued with positive energy and strong health, and it’s excellent for identifying and removing negative energy and influence from your life. 

    • Properties: Masculine energy, manifestation, action, vitality, willpower, creativity, confidence
    • Element: earth
    • Chakra: Solar Plexus (3rd)

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