Face to No-Face | Rediscovering Our Original Nature

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Face to No-Face is the latest published work of Douglas Harding, and offers an approach to realizing the limitless "No-Face" that is completely unique and highly practical. This is his first book based on dialogues and conversations, and it truly captures the spirit of this remarkable man in a manner both humorous and personal. Harding's writings have been acclaimed by Huston Smith, C. S. Lewis, and Ram Dass for their great originality and simplicity of approach.In this distinctive series of dialogues, Harding discusses the fundamental issue of life: how to awaken to the natural freedom that is our true self. Through a series of "exercises," he guides us to where we can clearly perceive our original nature. From this vantage point, we see that who we really are is not limited to our face and the self behind the face, but is instead the limitless "No-Face," the infinite and eternal essence that is both absolutely free and at the same time identified with all existence.The rediscovery of "oneself" by oneself is the principal theme, and Harding articulates "the way home" in a manner that is always refreshingly authentic.

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