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Expressive Writing | Words that Heal

Expressive Writing | Words that Heal


Expressive Writing: Words that Heal provides research results, in layman's terms, which demonstrate how and when expressive writing can improve health. It explains why writing can often be more helpful than talking when dealing with trauma, and it prepares the reader for their writing experience. The book looks at the most serious issues and helps the reader process them. From the instructions: ''Write about what keeps you awake at night. The emotional upheaval bothering you the most and keeping you awake at night is a good place to start writing.''


  • A basic four-day, 20-minute daily writing session program
  • A six-week writing program using a different technique each week
  • Additional techniques for expressive writing
  • Instructions on how to analyze what was written

James Pennebaker, PhD, is the author of The Secret Life of Pronouns, Opening Up, and other books. He is the nationally recognized expert on the connection between writing and better health. Dr. Pennebaker's earlier books have been recommended by Booklist, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, Slate, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times Book Review.

John Evans is an Integrative Health Coach, founder of Wellness & Writing Connections and editor of the book Wellness & Writing Connections which provides research-based information about writing and wellness to professionals and lay people.

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