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Ethics in Energy Medicine | Boundaries and Guidelines for Intuitive and Energetic Practices

Ethics in Energy Medicine | Boundaries and Guidelines for Intuitive and Energetic Practices

Author: Heidi Light

The first guidebook to discuss the full scope of the intuitive process and propose structures to keep practitioners and clients safe, , Heidi Light, a family counselor and certified hypnotherapist, asserts that we are in desperate need of guidance and standards so that we can approach the world of intuition, energy, and mysticism from a healthy and respectful place. Drawing  from  her  more  than  forty  years  as  a  medical  intuitive, empath,  and energy tracker—as well as twenty years as a counselor in private, clinical, and institutional settings—Light offers practical, simple solutions to the alarming lack of boundaries in the fields of intuition and energy medicine. From massage therapists who just throw in a little extra energy work, to psychics who read your sister instead of you, or to practitioners who tell you to take off your clothes, Light  shares  case  studies  and  vignettes  of  ethical  boundaries  mistakenly  being  crossed. This book explains  the  traditional  psychological  model  of  ethics that counselors and psychologists are taught and outlines an ethical energetics model as a framework for moving through the process of accessing intuitive information  and  working  with  energy. Experienced energy workers, those new to the field and just opening to their intuition, and those who come to them for services need to know these ethical guidelines of boundaries and consent.

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Publisher:North Atlantic Books
Publish Date:June 26 2018
Edition:Illustrated edition
Author:Heidi Light

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