Eternal Words

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Eternal words are more than words. Regular words only transmit information or data. Eternal words paint a picture in the mind and transmit principles, which are never forgotten. This is why the Master called them "Words that shall not pass away." This book contains numerous eternal words, words that shall not pass away from the memory of the reader. Within its pages he or she will find many principles which will elevate the mind to new vision - to a higher plane of seeing that shall be retained. The writer takes the reader on a quest for the Third Key of Communion. We learn the reason teachings of light are distorted over the generations, about higher perception, principles of creation, the beginning and end of the universe, residual reading and much more. In the end, there is a powerful confrontation with evil, a superhuman test and a solution that takes us from inside the atom to a revelation of the whole universe and its destiny. Eternal Words is Book 4 of The Immortal series. It is preceded by two other books in the series, The Immortal, Books 1 & 2, and The Lost Key of the Buddha, Book 3.

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