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Energy Wellness for Your Pet

Energy Wellness for Your Pet

Author: Cyndi Dale

Discover the Amazing Ways Subtle Energy Enhances Your Pet's Wellness and the Bond You Share Together

Improve your pet's emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being—and strengthen the bond between the two of you in the process—using vibrational medicine and energy techniques. Bestselling author Cyndi Dale's remarkable guide covers the chakras and subtle energy system for a variety of animals, from mammals to invertebrates. You'll explore the foundational energetics of common problems and learn how to assist your pet, no matter what the issue.

Using intuitive communication and energetic assessments, you can fully support your pet's development in every stage of life. Explore the use of essential oils, stones, and homeopathy to promote healing. Discover your pet's energetic signature to better understand his or her personality and needs. This indispensable book helps you create a happier, more loving relationship with your beloved animal and discover more of your true self along the way.

Includes 12 pages of full-color illustrations.

"Cyndi has a real gift and has put her heart and soul into Energy Wellness for Your Pet—a book the world needs now more than ever. Her goal is the same as mine, to prevent suffering and do no harm."—Dr. Stephen R. Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH, Usui Reiki Master Shaman

"[Cyndi's] guidance will bring about enhanced health, happiness and bonding for you and your animal companions—furred, feathered and invertebrates. Bravo Cyndi!"—Joan Ranquet, animal communicator, healer, author and founder of Communication with All Life University

"A well-written, inspiring look into the subtle energies of our pets and how we can work with this energy to understand our animal friends...Cyndi speaks from the heart and shares personal stories that teach through example and will deeply affect you. I honestly couldn't put this book down...A must read for anyone who has a pet."—Melissa Alvarez, author of Animal Frequency and Llewellyn's Little Book of Spirit Animals

"Cyndi Dale's brilliant book expertly teaches readers how to apply energetic concepts and techniques to improve a pet's emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being...Highly recommended for all animal lovers!"—Madisyn Taylor, cofounder of DailyOM


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Publisher:Llewellyn Publications
Publish Date:March 8 2019
Edition:Illustrated edition
Author:Cyndi Dale

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