Designed to Blossom: Color Edition: A Creative Workbook and Foundational Course in Human Design

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It's time to liberate your Inner Wisdom Keeper! *, Designed to Blossom (the FULL COLOR EDITION) is a brilliant, compassionate and transformative workbook/course in Human Design, passionately crafted by Rosy Aronson--an artist, Human Design enthusiast, Gene Keys alchemist, cutting edge counselor, and creator of the timeless and archetypal 64 Wisdom Keepers.Human Design is an extraordinary system that weaves together modern day epigenetic wisdom with the I Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, and the Chakra System.  * This workbook provides a rare opportunity to transform an intellectual understanding of your unique Human Design into a fully (and joyously!) lived experience.With clarity, play and practicality, Rosy guides you--petal by petal--through a highly experiential and psychologically grounded journey of self-liberation.  * --discover where you are, what you love, and what's holding you back --catalyze a deeply personal 'blossoming' process  --receive an inspiring introduction to your unique Human Design --turn decision-making into a spiritual practice  --embrace your unique purpose and share your gifts with the world --learn about some wonderful ways Human Design is evolving (through Richard Rudd's The Gene Keys and Integral Human Design)  *, Buy this book and receive BONUS Instructional Videos from Rosy's online Designed to Blossom Designed to Blossom is also available in Black/White, at a lower cost.

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