Cosmic Consciousness Body Oil | Amber & Sandalwood

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This body oil is filled with the energy of the Universe. Use this oil to connect to the universal consciousness. This can be used for psychic information, increased visions, connecting to guides, ancestors, and angels, etc. This oil will help you connect to the celestial realm and that vibration. It will allow you to expand your crown and third eye chakras to receive this higher consciousness. When applying this oil envision that you are one with the Universe and the Universe is one with you. You can think of specific questions that you want answers to, guidance, or keep it general.  Besides just being a body oil, you can also use this oil on candles to add intention, crystals, and more. There are many uses for these ritual body oils.

2 oz Coconut Oil Base

Scent: Jasmine & Sandalwood

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Premium Fragrance Oils (phthalate-free), Essential Oil Blend, Herbs, Eco-glitter, crystals

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