Connecting With The Arcturians 3

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The themes of this book focus on the evolution of humanity, the next stage of our planetary development, the planetary crisis in general, and how we, as spiritual lightworkers and starseeds, can prepare for our future and for the ascension. We look at the relationships between such complex subjects as quantum physics and spirituality and New Age physics to learn how that relates to the higher dimensions and healing techniques that use new terminology such as quantum healing and omega light.
The Arcturians gladly integrate physics with spirituality. Ascension is the transmutation of the physical body into the fifth dimension, completing Earth s incarnational cycles. They report that the ascension is open to all seekers of higher spiritual truth, especially those who are open to cosmic spirituality. There is also an extensive glossary to help the reader.

Overall, their messages are hopeful, helpful, and healing. The healings provided through their thinking are relevant personally and planetarily.

CHAPTERS INCLUDE The New Paradigm Calls for a New Human One Thought Created a Universe A Powerful New Tool for Ascension The Three Sides of the Sacred Triangle Planetary Cities of Light in the Third and Fifth Dimensions Use Neutralization for Personal and Planetary Healing High Consciousness Is the Next Step in Human Evolution Work with Your Aura Use the Codes of Ascension to Achieve Higher Consciousness Fifth-Dimensional Ascension Strategies The Importance of Sacred Spaces Use Thought Constellations to Manifest

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