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Chrysoprase | Joy | Stone Beaded Bracelet | 4mm

Chrysoprase | Joy | Stone Beaded Bracelet | 4mm

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Chrysoprase is a stone of joy and happiness. It is a very unique crystal because it has a cryptocrystalline structure, which means it is made up of thousands of microscopic crystals that the human eye cannot see. It is a variety of Chalcedony found worldwide. It has a positive and optimistic energy to it that soothes the heart and mind. It is excellent for anxiety relief and depression. Chrysoprase is known as a stone of happiness because of its ability to lift one's spirits and mood. These gorgeous beads are high quality and are a Caribbean green color. The color is soothing as well as up-lifting. Chrysoprase will help you raise your aura and keep your energy field clear from negativity.


4mm stretches to fit

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