Chinese Astrology: Understanding Your Horoscope

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Chinese Astrology is a beautifully illustrated guide with easy to use instructions to help you understand the fundamental ideas and determine the more advanced aspects. This lovely book explains the ancient and evolving practice of searching the stars in an easy-to-understand format for a range of ages., , Not only is each astrology sign (the Monkey, Pig, Tiger, Snake, Rooster, Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Dog, Ox, Dragon, and Sheep) included in the book, the Chinese character for each sign is given to further enlighten readers. Each page includes a newly commissioned artwork of a Chinese character, from the animals of the Zodiac to the Five Phases and Elements to the 60 Year Lunar Calendar and the 24 Solar Terms., , No stone is left unturned or unexplained in the vast practice and teachings of Chinese Astrology. Learn to read the night sky on your own, as well as the history of astrology. It is incredibly entertaining and enlightening at the same time. The history, 60 Year Lunar Calendar and the 24 Solar Terms is accompanied by an explanation of each character and its significance within Chinese astrology., , Enjoy learning a new area of study that will last your entire life with Chinese Astrology.

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