Cat Soapstone Carving

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This small carving stands about 3 inches tall and depicts a cat sitting. If you peak inside the intricate holes in figure, you can see a fish carved in where the cats stomach would. A cute and beautifully skilled design. 

Also known as Steatite, Soapstone gets its moniker from the soapy texture it possesses. It’s a non-porous and heat resistant stone with a low electrical conductivity. It's considered a soft rock which is why it is an excellent stone to carve. Those who utilize soapstone in their practices typically do so for its positive and calming effects, as well as its rationale and for preparing for new stages in life.
Properties: Preparedness, Calming, Creativity, Rationale
Chakra: Heart (6th), Crown (7th), and Root (1st)
Element: Wind

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