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Cassadaga | Where Spirits Meet

Cassadaga | Where Spirits Meet

Author: Marilyn J Awtry

Cassadaga, Florida became known world-wide after the formation of The Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Association was incorporated in l894 and became active. This little Hamlet was a part of Lake Helen, Florida. George P. Colby homesteaded some of its acreage and named it after the town he loved so well in Western New York-Cassadaga. The birth and growth of Camp is an interesting narrative all of its own. Its name and purpose is widely known, but there has been confusion as to its beginning as well as its growth and purpose. Part I of this book provides the interesting and factual data that provided a solid foundation for the community. It includes a brief of important history that provided for the development of a Spiritualist Camp within the community. Part II opens by welcoming the reader to arrival of George P. Colby in Florida. He put Cassadaga on the Map. Then 20 years later the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Campmeeting was incorporated by 13 other Spiritualists.

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Publisher:Shen-Men Publishing
Publish Date:Sept. 30 2014
Author:Marilyn J Awtry

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