Blindsided | Planet X Passes | Earth Changes

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This book is officially OUT OF PRINT... But we have about al hundred copies left that we're discounting to half price. Mark Hazlewood, author of Blindsided Planet X Passes in 2003? Earthchanges, addresses the highly controversial relationship between the myriad of records from science, religion and prophecy, all relating to the effects of the cyclical passage of our tenth planet. Explore with him, the cause of so called Ice Ages in relationship to Pole Shifts, believed to be the direct result of the electromagnetic gravitational interplay among the planets in our solar system. Learn of the Mastodons and Rhinos who were eating fresh tropical vegetation in Siberia, only about 3650 years ago and the reason for their sudden and dramatic deaths. Find out more about the reasons for our weather variations, directly related to the drastically escalating solar flare activity and why this simply cannot be blamed on so-called Global Warming. Hear about the connection between our Sun and the changes now taking place all over the world and understand why we can expect many more dramatic effects to take place, as our tenth planet approaches. Look into the visions of prophets throughout the ages who foresaw the effects possibly coming with this current cycle of celestial interaction. The Bible calls this planet Wormwood and St-John gives a detailed description of what we may very well experience and perhaps very soon. Attempts to keep this information from becoming public knowledge, still continues to this day. There may not be warnings broadcast by public officials over the TV. A knock on the door from government workers of your city or state, saying it is time to evacuate, may not be forthcoming. There are just too many people to deal with and they have not prepared any places or resources for you.

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