BIRTH ANGELS BOOK OF DAYS - Volume 1: Daily Wisdoms with the 72 Angels of the Tree of Life

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VOLUME 1: MARCH 21 – JUNE 2 (Relationship with the Divine)….The BIRTH ANGELS BOOK OF DAYS 5-volume series of Daily Wisdoms with the 72 Angels of the Tree of Life deepens the revelatory work of the first Birth Angels book (2004), giving us a more mystical experience of the 72 Angels and at the same time more practical application. Each volume offers one complete cycle of 72 Daily Wisdoms inspired by each of the 72 Angels in their daily “heart-dominion” -- through which their Divine Love and Presence cultivates in the human heart all the hues of love, compassion, intuition, wisdom and understanding which give our lives meaning and momentum. In the Daily Wisdoms of Volume 1, we are shown in 72 different ways how to deepen our relationship with the Divine as that which precedes all our relatings with self, others, purpose and the world at large. As we commune and work with the 72 Angels through a daily practice of attention and intention, we take on a new inner light of awareness and the sense of a personal spiritual presence. Just as the dormant seeds of winter are warmed and awakened by the light of the coming Spring, our own hearts begin to feel subtle, even effortless, awakening as the Angelic takes root within us and our transformation begins. Ultimately we realize that we are not "only human," but Divine-Human beings -- on this Earth to express and expand the diverse nature of the Divine Oneness through our own unique individuations and the diversities that compose all of Creation. A follow-up to the first BIRTH ANGELS book released in 2004 (, BIRTH ANGELS BOOK OF DAYS represents the author’s deepening co-creative work with the 72 Angels on their respective days of “heart-influence.” Each volume of this 5-volume daily wisdom series contains a message from each of the 72 Angels as they cycle through the current season. Thus the five volumes of BIRTH ANGELS BOOK OF DAYS include: Volume 1: March 21 – June 2 (Relationship with the Divine) Volume 2: June 3 – August 16 (Relationship with Self) Volume 3: August 17 – October 29 (Relationship with Work & Purpose) Volume 4: October 30 – January 8 (Relationship with Others) Volume 5: January 9 – March 20 (Relationship with Community & the World) LEARN MORE about the 72 Angels tradition and your personal Birth Angels in the description for BIRTH ANGELS: or at

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