Amulet Friends Oracle and Guidebook Box Set

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77 BRIGHT BOLD AND STORYTELLING ORACLE CARDS + MINI GUIDEBOOK AND WORKBOOK WITH SILK CARRYING BAG! OMG this deck! I am like beyond stoked to get this into the world. It is a next level oracle deck that came to me during a time of major soul level OPENNESS.

I was able to travel a bunch to the Southwest and spent weeks at a time in the mountains and dessert. I had NEVER seen the mountains on this level. They spoke to me, broke me open and sparked me like a lightning bolt. I opened my heart, soul and spirit in new and epic ways. This deck is packed full of power, healing, high vibes, questions, answers, confidence, fear, faith and COLOR. This palette is a direct result of Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico. The soft desert hues, the mountains, Ma Nature, the wild street art, and duh… sunsets. Dang I miss it! The card’s messages are shown through animals and nature.

I was inspired to go this route after encountering two special guides. A Blue Bird and Robin.

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