Double Terminated Amethyst

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A member of the Quartz family, Amethyst has a trigonal crystal system and has been found and used throughout the world for centuries. Neolithic Europeans and Ancient Egyptians both used amethyst regularly, and early Greek and Romans considered it of high value. It has previously been used to make beads, amulets, and more often used in crowns, scepters, and rings for royalty and bishops, as amethyst was viewed as a jewel of royalty.

The name Amethyst comes from the a Greek word for "not drunken" and was believed by ancient Greeks to prevent intoxication, calm anger, and relieve frustration born of passion. It's generally considered a stone that aids in protection, purification, and connecting to the Divine. Amethyst is also a crystal that channels the element of wind, and helps activate the Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Etheric (8th + Beyond) chakras.

The double termination of naturally double terminated crystals have double spiral growth patterns which allows energy to flow in both directions. single terminated crystals cut into double terminations will only flow energy one way. These amethysts were cut to be double terminated so their energy will only flow one direction.

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