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Grande Rising Celebration & Open House October 13th

You are invited to join us in Sacred Ceremony at 10am

We wouldn't be Spiral without the sacred, so we begin the day in ceremony with a passing the torch ceremony from former owner William Ford, Beverly's beloved, to the new stewards of this special flame - Summer Rodman & Julie Wilder. William will be reading an original poem and we will be guided in ceremony by Kelli Johnson.

See below for a list of vendors, featured speakers & readers.

Our most up to date information will be on our facebook event.



    Featured Speakers

    Twenty minute presentations followed by Q&A at the top of every hour located in our air conditioned community room, the renovated garage in our parking lot. Free to attend!

    11:00 am Staying Healthy in a Processed Environment 

    Causes of inflammation and dis-ease and the many ways to correct the imbalances in our bodies with medical herbalist Kelli Johnson who has over 40 years of health care experience. Her herbal products, Coyote's Natural Medicine, are available on the shelves of Spiral Circle.

    Noon Self Care for Stressful Times

    Amber Melendy has been on a wellness path since 2004 when she discovered yoga, herbal medicine and Waldorf education. Currently, she teaches second grade and Rose Tent at a Waldorf homeschool cooperative and teaches yoga classes and teacher trainings. More info at Heart of Ambrosia and Rose Tent. Many in the community will remember her as owner of Shine On Yoga.

    1:00pm Preventative Care & Traditional Chinese Medicine 

    Dr. Kamal is Board Certified Acupuncture Physician and the Founder and Chief Herbaceutical Engineer of Si Jin Bao (SJB), an herbaceutical company that he developed in 1999.  He is widely known for developing products such as A.I.R., Breathe Again, Croopy Cough, Upset Tummy, Revive, Schmoove, Wonderful, various Classical formulas in concentrated form, which are carried on the shelves of Spiral Circle. 

    2:00pm Freedom from Pain by Samadhi Artemisa, A P. 

    Come pick up tips for preventing neck and back pain with postural awareness, body alignment and simple, yet effective movements. This class is interactive; you can participate or watch and learn. Take home easy to incorporate tools and techniques to help you stay loose and aligned. Samadhi Artemisa is an Acupuncture Physician, specializing in pain relief through acupuncture, Oriental massage, and cupping sessions at InJoy Healthcare in College Park. She is the award winning author of Healthy Eating, Healthy Living, Healthy You; her book is available at Spiral Circle.

    3:00pm Ask a Love & Sacred Sex Coach Jam Session

    Right in our own backyard, we have certified love & sex coach, Stacey Murphy, whose mission for the past 10 years is to put the "sacred" back into the topic of sexual power and you have the opportunity to pick her brain during this special "Ask a Love & Sex Coach" Jam Session.  If you remember, Stacey & her former partner, pioneered the sacred sexuality movement in Orlando with their boutique, Blissful Lotus Romance Boutique.  Now she brings her knowledge to our sacred community.  If you've met Stacey, you know she's like Dr. Ruth, Dear Abby, and Wanda Sykes all rolled into one classy sassy package.  This is a FREE event so come with any and all questions because you're going to learn and LAUGH a lot!  BTW, all questions will be submitted anonymously...wink...wink! More info at The Vixen Academy

    4:00 pm Out of the Himalayas: The Gifts of Ayurveda and Yoga 

    Barbara E. Verchot (Shanti Atma Kaur) is a renowned anthropologist, educator, yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner with a life-long passion for natural medicine and healthful living. Her research and studies into natural healing systems which span decades have taken her to places including but not limited to Thailand where she studied Thai Massage and India where she studied Yoga Therapy, Yoga, and Ayurveda. 

    5:00 pm Wolf Murphy

    Drumming for healing and demo on djembe and shaman drum

    6:00 pm Astrology with Jack Hopkins

    An overview of astrology.


    Pre-booking highly encouraged • 20 minutes for $30

    Sabrina the Numerologist • Resident Reader Book Sabrina Now
    Sabrina is offering Numerology, Twin Flame Coaching, Food & Nutrition Guidance as well as Spiritual Life Coaching. Learn more at as well as on her YouTube Channel. 

    Turn to the Stars: Astrologer Andrea Klim
    Andrea is a Counseling Intuitive Astrologer, Shamanic Practitioner Past Life, Present Life, Future Forecasts Host of "Turn To The Stars" TV Show Since 2008 YouTube Channel

    Moon Magic Cat: Tarot Reading with Cicely • Book Cicely Now
    Cicely is an intuitive tarot reader, yoga instructor, and reiki healer.  As a tarot reader she believes the cards can provide useful insights into our lives, they can make us aware of unknown factors, provide reassurance, and give voice to our internal dialogue. Her goal as a reader is to give clients a peak into the spiritual forces at work behind the scenes in their lives. Learn more about Cicely at
    Tea Leaf Readings & Oracle Reading with Savvie • Book Savvie Now
    Savvie began her Reiki healing journey shortly after the birth of her daughter and then only two years later, twin boys. Through a creative career as a cosmetologist, she continued to develop her energy abilities to eventually become a Reiki Master. Savvie would often reminisce about growing up in Cheshire, England by frequenting her favorite British tea shop for a rejuvenating pot of tea. It was there that she was joined by a good friend/Reiki teacher and would read tea leaves in empty cups for fun. After an invitation to offer tea leaf readings at a Holistic fair, she realized her passion had been rekindled and thus No-Hippie-Shit was born! Learn more about Savvie here:

    Astrology Reading with Jack
     Book Jack Now
    A practicing Astrologer for 46 years, Jack's articles have appeared in the journals of the Organization of Professional Astrologers and the International Society for Astrological Research. He specializes in personal and relationship charts, forecasting, and using Astrology as a tool to provide insights and inspiration for life in a busy world. More about Jack here:

    Angel Oracle Reading with Victoria
     • Book Victoria Now
    Victoria is a psychic, medium & clairvoyant. She reads with angel oracle cards and also does palm readings. She's be practicing for 45 years and works at Universal Studios & Cafe To Tu Tango's.

    Angel Oracle Readings & Mediumship with Eva
      Reserve Eva Now
    Eva is an intuitive Angel Oracle Reader, a Medium and Spiritual Awakening Guide. Eva connects to Source Energy and to your Angels and Spirit Guides. Eva’s readings are very helpful for times in life when you are in need of guidance on your life path. You will receive powerful healing messages that will deliver to you the clarity you need to move forward confidently. Eva also offers Mediumship readings for pets and loved ones. More about Eva here:

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