Becoming a Woman: A Guide for Girls Approaching Menstruation

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Becoming - a Woman, is a booklet for girls and their parents who are looking for some easy to understand information about the menstrual cycle. Becoming - a Woman, is more than an anatomy and physiology book about the menstrual cycle its about how it feels and explains what's happening to a girls body as she approaches menstruation. Becoming a Woman, talks about how we as women became disconnected from our cycles and seeks to reclaim the wisdom inherent in our bodies. The booklet includes basic physiology and the emotional and psychological energies week by week of the cycle. Jane writes about how to honour the menstrual cycle, there is a sample chart, a suggested reading list and journal questions to help connect with thew rhythm of the cycle.. For Parents, Becoming - a Woman, includes a ceremony - "SpringMoon - Welcoming our Daughters to Womanhood" to conduct for your daughter to honour and celebrate her Menarche.

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