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Amethyst Crystal Candle | Spiritual Growth & Healing
Blue Chalcedony Candle | Calming
Dalmatian Jasper Crystal Candle - Balance
Good Vibes - Complements Collection
Green Onyx Mini Energy Gem EarringsGreen Onyx Mini Energy Gem Earrings
Mantra Candle | Don't Hate
JaxKelly Mantra Candle | Don't Hate
In stock, 6 units
Mantra Candle | Heavily Meditated
Mantra Candle | Kind People
Mantra Candle | Moon
JaxKelly Mantra Candle | Moon
In stock, 3 units
Mantra Candle | Self Love Club
Mother of Pearl Mini Energy Gem EarringsMother of Pearl Mini Energy Gem Earrings
Obsidian Crystal Candle | Block Negativity
Peach Quartz Crystal Candle | Inner Peace
Rose Quartz Crystal Candle | Love
Rose Quartz Mini Energy Gem Earrings
Sea Opal Crystal Candle - Meditation
Zen - Complements Collection