Mixed Emotions: A Tool That Helps You Make Decisions, Solve Problems, Resolve Conflicts, and More

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Emotions don t take place in a thought bubble over our heads. They re electrochemical messengers that race throughout our bodies and move us to action. When we know how we FEEL, it s easier to figure out what to DO. Yet many of us struggle to put our feelings into words and have trouble benefitting from the information they provide. This deck can help by bringing common emotions vividly to life on separate, beautifully illustrated cards. It s a tried-and-true toolbox that helps you answer the fundamental question, How do I feel? While using these cards, you might feel: - Surprised* that you can have so many different emotions at the same time - Relieved* to discover a way to be more true to yourself - Empowered* by the information your emotions provide - Free* to simply observe emotions without being hijacked by them *cards in the Mixed Emotions deck Two reviewers of Mixed Emotions say: What I love most about these cards is my experience, over and over and over again, of helping me/others move out of the mind and into that gut place of knowing. My mind is brilliant and it can justify all kinds of choices/decisions. The clarity that comes when using these cards always amazes me. I call them my truth cards because something that I could not see is always revealed. Yvonne Rox Although they are 'feeling' cards, the structures for using them are rational and so give us a way to integrate mind and emotion while honoring both. souls2feet The second edition of Mixed Emotions includes: - 60 emotion cards illustrated with genuine linoleum-block prints. All cards are now printed on heavier stock and coated to make them more durable. - 12 instructional cards - Five create-your-own cards, which now include a blank area that gives you room to illustrate them yourself - A 96-page instruction book that contains more information than the first-edition book did, but is smaller, so it fits in the same box as the cards - A rigid box that protects your cards and booklet. This replaces the throw-away box and drawstring bag included with the first edition.

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