Universe Calling!

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The journey back to Enlightenment is fulfilled through many cosmic adventures! When Linda Summers connected with Sedona through the pictures inside a View Master as a child, she didn't know she was beginning to create her own reality. As a Reiki Master Teacher and Counselor with training as a shaman, she has guided many seekers on spiritual journeys over the years in the beauty and mystery of Sedona's red rock canyons. Through the magical vortex journeys shared in these stories, you can open yourself to dimensions of awareness that people have experienced on their quests for spiritual understanding. Now is the time of the Awakening, a time when consciousness in the world is expanding very quickly, and this book further activates the process as we each evolve. Awakening brings with it energies for major transformation that sometimes feel uncomfortable and unbalancing. The meditations in this book can be useful in creating inner peace during these times of great change.

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