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Like the prophets of old -- Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Daniel -- Michael Olin Hitt, English professor and husband of a United Methodist minister, received the gift of prophecy and began to speak with the voice of a maggid, or Messenger of the Holy Spirit.

Based on the teachings that came forth when prayer groups gathered in the presence of the Holy Spirit, The Word of God upon My Lips includes answers to some of the questions on the hearts of today's people of faith. The prophecies contain vital new messages for today's world as they shine a new light of understanding on issues such as:

  • Why don't healings always come about when we pray?
  • What is Heaven like? What about Hell?
  • What is the purpose of the soul?
  • Are these the End Times? Will some be left behind?, ,
  • Is salvation for all people?
  • How do the people of faith overcome evil in our time?
  • What are our responsibilities for God's creation on earth today?
  • Are we at a crossroads in human history?

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