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The pendulum is a remarkable tool which can give you amazingly accurate answers to your questions. With practice, your dialogue with your intuition will provide reliable information from your Higher Self.

Cleanse your pendulum prior to use: A simple and effective method is to submerge it in a cup of water with a teaspoon of salt for one hour. Next, you should bond with your pendulum to attune it to your energy. You can keep it in your pocket or under your pillow while you sleep. As long as you keep it close to your body so it can bond with your energy. Store your pendulum in a soft pouch and avoid letting others handle it.

Using your pendulum: Sitting comfortably, rest your elbow on a table and hold the chain of your pendulum between your thumb and first finger with the palm facing down. Dangle the point of the pendulum above the center of the chart or surface and wait until it is completely still. Ask a simple question that you know the answer is Yes. Note the direction it swings- it may be a straight line or an oval shape in one direction. This is your "Yes". Repeat the process with a No question and note the direction. You will know you are tuned in when the results of your questions are accurate.

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