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Have you ever read something so incredible that you wondered how it could be true? Have you ever wondered if energy medicine and alternative healing were genuine? In this work, there are new revelations about life, love and healing. The means of communicating has taken a new twist. This book presents her journey from an injured young woman and survivor of domestic violence to a healer, politician and champion of others today. She writes about her experience into wholeness and the incredible insight it brought into her life as she shares this healing gift with people. As the "scribe" of this information, she records, compiles and communicates the information with accuracy and truth. Her journey along the way has been filled with miracles. What makes this amazing story unique is the way the communications from God are received through "Gifts from the Heart." These messages have changed her life and the lives of those who have heard them. This book is a must read for anyone who is setting out on his or her spiritual journey of enlightenment or who wants to expand their knowledge of energy medicine and alternative healing.

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