Flowering Mama sculpture by Lucy Pierce

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Terracotta - Imported from Australia directly from Artist Lucy Pierce

This little Flowering Mama sculpture is slip cast in Terracotta and hand finished with love. She embodies a celebration of the beautiful flowering of pregnancy. Designed to adorn an altar, she looks great in the garden too.

All the artist's sculptures are left to charge under the moon with the cosmic energies of their time of emergence. They are then smudged and cleansed with sage and charged with a prayer of intention and imbued with song and attuned to the Earth’s heart with the rhythm of medicine drum.

May you Know yourself to be
the sacred embodiment of creation,
your heart the cosmic Weaver,
your womb the temple of life,
trusting deeply in the great mystery of your own becoming
and held so tenderly in the love of our Earth Mother,
swayed by the exquisite dance of your own softness
and your own power,
You are Blessed. Blessed be.

Her dimensions are approximately 9 cm wide x 10 cm high x 7 cm deep.

Although these pieces are made in a mold, each one is hand finished. Due to the nature of this process (and the rustic nature of my workshop and kiln) each piece has it's own unique qualities and there may be slight differences in tone and detail from one piece to another. If you have any queries or concerns don't hesitate to contact me.

Due to the porous nature of the clay, the more the piece is handled the better. Natural oils from the skin will enrich the surface quality.

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