Something Like God: Six Weeks to Spirituality

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FINDING YOUR SPIRITUALITY, , “Do you feel that your path to spirituality has been elusive or impossible? The very fact that you are reading this text reveals to me that you still have questions about your spirituality, and that is perfectly natural. It is now time to stop your search and begin your journey. This six-week guide will help you look within yourself to find THE answers. Regardless of who you are, where you are, or where you come from, this book will help to kick start your spiritual awareness at just the right time … right now!”, , - Aaron A. Reno, Author, , WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY, , "Something Like God gives us a way of tapping into the very fundamental curiosity that exists within every one of us; addressing questions we all have as to the existence of something outside of ourselves.", , - Dawn Garcia, CEO | Founder | Editor, ATOD Magazine, , "Aaron Reno has the uncanny ability to not only capture, but to simplify difficult subjects and make them easier to grasp. This book is no less than a complete spiritual digest which answers various and important spiritual questions using a non-denominational approach.", , - Christopher Atkins, , "Something Like God is the complete spirituality guide for those just beginning their journey as well as those who have fallen off their path. If you have been waiting for the right opportunity to further (or begin) your spiritual quest, this book is for you.", , - Amy Thompson, Spiritual Teacher | Reiki Healer

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