Standing Still
Standing still for me is getting out of my mind and into my senses. With most of the Nation taking a national pause you may find yourself feeling out of sorts. If you are used to filling your time and your mind with ways to stay busy, you may be having a hard time.

The challenge to stand still has been thrown down, how have you been holding up? Are you noticing some feelings of anger, anxiousness, frustration or restlessness? You are not alone. With nothing to DO many of us may be facing parts of ourselves that our consciousness does not know very well.

The best way I get to know these new parts of myself is to stand still. Standing still does not mean disconnecting from life, it means connecting into my senses which is the doorway to my Soul. The more I get out of my head and into my senses the more space I create in my field of awareness.

The more I tune into my field of awareness and create more space, the more I understand myself better, which in turn, helps me interact with others and myself more authentically. I also enhance my leadership qualities and improve my critical thinking, all skills that learning to stand still brings.

So what is an example of standing sill, if it's not numbing and disconnecting what is it?  For me, it’s getting my hands involved.

Long time ago, people in our culture had a craft, and that craft sustained us in many ways besides monetarily.  It provided a space for us to get out of our thinking mind and into our creativity and senses. We engaged our sense of touch, smell, sight and hearing. It was the ultimate mindfulness way to be. We created with our hearts and from the fullness that we are. All-day knitting a sweater, woodworking, grinding grain or weaving was the way to remain connected into our wholeness.

I imagine it was not about the finished product, but the connectedness to our souls during the creation process.  At least that is what I learned as an adolescent, when my grandmother taught me how to quilt and sew one summer.

To me, that is what standing still is: a true connection to the Divine within and the ability to release all that I am thinking about and enter into a space of pure creativity and potentiality without being attached to how it has to be at the end.

During our Nation’s pause, I encourage you to stand still by getting your hands involved and be open to the wonderful creations you are bringing forth.

Chonteau McElvin

Chonteau is a Medicine Woman Sacred Plant Herbalist, Intuitive and retired Social Worker. You will find her playing in her garden, creating new recipes, meditating and reading. She offers healing consultations which illuminate the areas of ones life that are preventing them from moving forward. She often provides incarnations, rituals and other and other spiritual remedies for what ails the soul.

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