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Click on one of the buttons above to visit various pages that might be of of interest to you.  The "Weekly Events" button is our monthly calendar which describes the various activities that occur at the bookstore on a regular basis. The other links are various subjects, some of which you might find thought provoking.

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12 Noon - 6 PM: Sunday thru Tuesday
10 AM - 6 PM: Wednesday thru Saturday

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The Weekly Events List  shown on this website is occasionally reprinted as a one page synopsis, which is distributed at the bookstore. This is done usually when there are any changes or updates to be made.

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Check out our special yoga class &
learn to relax at the feet of the Master.

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The Schedule of Events that will contain those meetings that occur repetitively, can be found by clicking on the "Weekly Events" button in the menu above. Abbreviated printed copies of this will also be available at the Bookstore.
Other non-repetitive events may be posted at the Bookstore. The class facilitators may also provide flyers that can be handed out to announce their respective classes, meetings, etc.  If you have any questions about this procedure, please call the shop for more details, 407/894-9854.

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750 North Thornton Avenue ~ Orlando, FL 32803 ~ Phone: 407/894-9854

 Company Profile & History

Located in the heart of Central Florida, this little bookstore is not just an ordinary retail shop, but is rather a spiritual center and focal point for like minded people to gather and share their feelings, their ideas, their hopes and their dreams. It provides as a community service a place for people to post notices and brochures about their own businesses as well as announcements about meetings and important gatherings of interest to the betterment of the community. There is a dedicated area where we offer used books, CD's, tapes and videos for 1/2 price or less, as well as many free brochures and local newsletters.

 In May of 2015 Spiral Circle, Inc. will celebrate its 40th year in business, and its founders will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on October 2nd of this year.  The business was founded and chartered in May of 1975 by Beverly & William Ford, originally for the purpose of providing a distribution point for Edgar Cayce products. It has since grown into a source for all kinds of spiritual, mental and physical self-help materials. The concept for our business has been to offer materials centered on metaphysical subjects and modalities that can enhance and further one's pursuit of spiritual and physical development and exploration. Since we have never departed from this core purpose, we have continued to expand the variety of items that we offer, always with the thought in mind of how those items can be of benefit to others along their individual paths.

The store is located in a quaint converted residence on North Thornton Avenue within the city limits of Orlando, FL. It has become a real family business with all family members participating in one way or another. The staff consists of part-time devoted employees who all believe in its mission and are themselves on a conscientious path of enlightenment.

We invite you to come visit with us. Over the years, Spiral Circle has certainly been imitated ---- but never duplicated.  You will find that the atmosphere is like no other place!

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When are we open and where can you find us?

The store hours of operation are as follows: 

bullet12 Noon - 6 PM: Sunday - Tuesday
bullet10 AM - 6 PM: Wednesday - Saturday

We are located in the northeast area of what is known as Traditional Orlando, on the corner of Park Lake Street & Thornton Avenue within the City Limits of Orlando, FL.  Park Lake is one block North of Colonial Drive (SR 50), and Thornton is parallel to and one block West of Mills Ave (US Hwy 17-92).

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Page down to see photo's of final parking lot installation including the new sign.

Our Front Entrance Way (Standing on Thornton Ave looking Northwest) 

THE ORIGINAL FRONT PORCH (for 25  yrs)         .......AND HOW IT IS TODAY


UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN AUGUST 2003          .........AND TODAY (well, it does rain sometimes)


(CLICK ON "SHOP PHOTOS TO SEE MORE PICTURES)                               

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Contact Information
Telephone:  407/894-9854   FAX:  407/898-6222
Bookstore address:  750 North Thornton Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803
Mailing address: 
3900 Mockingbird Lane, Orlando, FL 32803
Electronic mail   
General Information & Inquiries:
Send mail to webmaster@spiralcircle.com with questions or comments about this web site or calendar events.